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Our Annual General Meeting happens every June. Voting at the AGM is limited to VIP members. You will also have to purchase a VIP membership if you wish to participate in the Titans of Ulster Writing & Media Festival , including the Project TITANIA contests. A VIP membership (valid for one year, until May of next year) costs a mere 5.00 STLG. To upgrade to a VIP membership, just fill in your name and click the "subscribe" button below. You can then purchase a membership subsciption by credit card on the PayPal site.

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Studio-NI is the largest Arts & Culture group in the northern half of the island of Ireland. Although some groups have a comparable membership, they are all-Ireland bodies. For the area it covers (from Donegal to Dublin), Studio-NI is the largest group in existence.

The vast majority of Studio-NI members are freelancers. Unfortunately, The Powers That Be tend to limit their interest to a small number of big-name companies, ignoring the silent majority. If you want TPTB to take you seriously, if you want your voice to be heard, then start with active participation as a VIP Member of Studio-NI.

Our vast membership and established non-profit status make the Studio NI Group eligible for hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of Government grants, from both sides of the border. The administration of the projects funded by these grants is overseen by the Committee. If you want to vote in the Committee election at the AGM, or if you want to stand for election to the Committee, you must register for a VIP membership.

Remember, this is thousands of pounds worth of YOUR projects that we are voting on!

If you want to learn more, just e-mail

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